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Just a person who enjoys illustrating and creating videos

Recreating old artworks & Content Update

Greetings everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely start to the week 😀 During the last few weeks. I’ve been busy re adjusting my scheduling and sorting out some upcoming jobs that I’ll be posting within the near future. Plus heaps of things are changing with my social sites that I manage 🙂 __ :Recreating Old […]

Who Is She?!

Let’s get the introduction sorted shall we? Greetings! Hi, How are you? Are you comfortable? Relaxed? Ready for some sort of entertainment? Oh good, ‘cause so am I! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ … [:p Sarcasm :p] … GREETINGS EVERYONE! My name is J Ellen and as you can already tell, I’m very sarcastic. Addicted to it. Sarcastic to […]