Greetings everyone! I hope you're having a lovely start to the week 😀

During the last few weeks. I've been busy re adjusting my scheduling and sorting out some upcoming jobs that I'll be posting within the near future. Plus heaps of things are changing with my social sites that I manage 🙂


:Recreating Old Artworks:

During the last few week I decided to go through my sketchbook and recreate some of my drawings i’ve done within the past 6 months. Although I have done much illustration, one image that stood out the most was my cover image titled :RADIOACTIVE: .

I wanted to give my first proper sketchbook a cover to remember as well as a cover that instantly eye catching the moment you open it.

:RADIOACTIVE: represents my personal views in today's media. I personally never watch tv, I mainly get my information/news from online news reporters I follow on Twitter and other reliable websites. But when I do watch tv. It's either soap shows, inaccurate, unnecessary news being reported or those 30 second advertisements to make you think you need the latest kitchen appliance or indulging on certain luxury items that you'll only use once in a lifetime.

I generally dislike how majority of the shows you watch on today's television are being over censored, sugarcoated, overall portraying an inaccurate of how the world really is.

"The world isn't as colourful as the media likes to portray it"

But this image isn't just about my opinions. :RADIOACTIVE: Also represents how my mind works. Here you have Mini Jay. An original character that I've recently been creating within the past year.

Whenever my mind is filled with creativity, everything becomes a lot more brighter, my brain constantly thinks of many ways to make each image more outstanding than the last. But at the same time my mind never slows down, I'm forever dealing with a hypoactive, Radioactive mind where every idea I have is flying around at the speed of light.

There is so much I want to be able to create, but my mind gets so cluttered to the point I get so overwhelmed and do nothing. Except procrastinating, forever making me will like a zombie.

It was only last Friday I decided to recreate this in a digital format. I love both images, but the digital remake version has me thinking of printing it on a back of denim jacket. THAT DREAM WILL BE ACHIEVED ONE DAY! Until then, I'll just have to continue dreaming about my dream jacket.

(:RADIOACTIVE: Speedpaint Video Down Below)



As the title states. I finally will be able to make more content due to better internet speed!

Due to Australia having the absolute worst internet speed known to humankind. I've had to deal with upload speeds of 0.88mbps and for someone who wants to stream on Twitch.TV and make regular video content on Vidme & Youtube. It is the worse experience you could ever deal with! With the constant lag, dropping connection and the buffering *Ugh!* I swear that's the one thing that get's on my nerves is the buffering.

Not to mention having to wait around 1- 4 hours to upload a video and making sure it doesn't throw out anything else you're doing online. It's a real ball breaker when you're trying to pursue something you love and nothing goes 100% right. But! Within the next week or 2, I'll have better internet and then will start streaming my artwork with all of you! 😀

I've made a short animation explaining about whole situation featuring Mini J for the first time!

(Channel Update Video Down Below)



YES! SOON you'll be able to buy my artwork and can get an artwork done by me for a small amount of money! As much as I'd love to draw images for everyone. I want to be able to pay my bills and eat, I'm just being 100% honest here. Plus I want to be able to show my skills to everyone. So until I finish organising certain accounts and finish making a commission chart. I'll update you as soon as possible.


That's pretty much everythings. Fingers cross everything gets sorted soon but overall I've very excited for all the changes that will be happening within the next weeks 🙂

If you want any suggestion you would like me to do or anything creative you want me to attempt. Please feel free to leave a comment down below! You can also leave me suggestions on what to create or if you want me to try and create something new! I’d love to hear from you all!

I’m going to try and post as often as I can to keep you all updated with what’s happening within my life 🙂

                        So until next time! Bye everybody ❤

- J


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